Finding Childcare on Public Holidays

While public holidays are a day off for many people, some people still need to work on these days, including nurses, call centre workers and hospitality workers. This can be challenging for parents who need to find childcare for public holidays. Here are some possibilities.  Friends and family If you don't usually need to work on a public holiday, this can be a time to call in a favour from friends or family. [Read More]

Finding child care for older children on the school holidays

For many working parents finding holiday care for older children can be challenging. Many programs age children out of care as they reach high school age but some children do not have the maturity to be able to spend their days alone during the holidays. Here are some ideas to help you secure child care for older children.  Swap with other parents While you might only have limited leave there are often other parents in the same position. [Read More]

Helping your child cope with changing carers at their child care centre

Carers at child care centres (like One World Children’s Centre) will often move between centres and move into other roles. This can be disturbing for young children who are often very attached to their carers. Here are some ways to help your child deal with the transition.  Have discussions as the transition approaches If you have some warning that their carer is leaving, for example if they are pregnant and planning to take maternity leave, it can be useful for the kids to have some discussions with their current carer and the replacement. [Read More]

Encouraging inclusion in childcare situations

It can be heartbreaking for parents and carers to navigate a situation where a child is being excluded in social play situations with their peers. While it is more common with older children, it can start from a very young age, particularly if children have disabilities that lead to them struggling to keep up with normal play. Luckily there are some things that carers can do to encourage social inclusion in childcare. [Read More]