Tips for choosing a good day care centre

Choosing a day care can be difficult because it concerns the welfare of your child. Leaving your child to the care of a stranger while you are at work takes strength, and that's why you need to choose the best daycare option for your child. Childcare can be a nurturing environment for your child allowing you them to grow and learn through playing. Consider the following tips when choosing a family day care centre: [Read More]

7 Things to Look for in a Child Care Centre Before Enrolling Your Child

Everyone wants the best care for their child. Child care centres play an important role in the development of the child. When you are choosing a care centre, there are some pointers that can help you make the best choice. Here are seven things that can help you know if the care centre offers a favourable environment for your child. 1. Accreditation and Rating Start by ensuring the centre is accredited. [Read More]

Details That Are Easy to Overlook When Choosing a Child Care Centre

Finding good child carers can be a challenge for any parent, but knowing what to look for in advance can make the process easier. When you are ready to choose a child care centre for your child, note a few details that are easy to overlook, but which can make a tremendous difference in how happy you are with that care. Your child's personality Your child may not have the final say in their care, but this doesn't mean you want to overlook their own personality. [Read More]

Finding Childcare on Public Holidays

While public holidays are a day off for many people, some people still need to work on these days, including nurses, call centre workers and hospitality workers. This can be challenging for parents who need to find childcare for public holidays. Here are some possibilities.  Friends and family If you don't usually need to work on a public holiday, this can be a time to call in a favour from friends or family. [Read More]