Helping your child cope with changing carers at their child care centre

Carers at child care centres (like One World Children’s Centre) will often move between centres and move into other roles. This can be disturbing for young children who are often very attached to their carers. Here are some ways to help your child deal with the transition. 

Have discussions as the transition approaches

If you have some warning that their carer is leaving, for example if they are pregnant and planning to take maternity leave, it can be useful for the kids to have some discussions with their current carer and the replacement. This helps the kids see that the transition is friendly and that their current carer trusts and respects the new carer. It can be useful to start these conversations from a few months out in a general sense, then up the frequency as the day gets closer. This gives the children time to ask questions. 

Keep in contact where possible

If it's possible, it's nice for the kids and carers to keep in contact. You can often connect with social media or by email and swap photos so that you child can see that their carer is happy in their new role. This can resolve any lingering concerns about the worry. It can also be nice for the child to prepare a farewell gift of a favourite drawing or description of the activities that they shared with that carer. 

Model a positive relationship with the carer

Your children will react to your emotional state so be sure to model and positive relationship with the new carer, even if you are still getting to know them. If the transition is unplanned it can be worth booking in meeting with the carer to introduce yourself and your child in a less frantic environment and explain any particular concerns or focuses for your family. This can help the new carer get to know you a bit better and help you feel more comfortable communicating in the drop-off or pick-up rush. 

Keep communications open

If your child is upset it's important to let them voice these concerns so that you can work through them. Unfortunately, children are still learning the skills to deal with transitions, so unplanned transitions can be particularly upsetting but losing any person they are attached to can be upsetting. You can help them to process their feelings by discussing the change and the positive aspects of their new carer and the centre as a whole (including friends and peers). 

Good luck with this transition. Be sure to chat with your child's carer as they may be able to give you other suggestions to help your child adjust.