Practising Speech Therapy: 4 Things You Can Do at Home to Support Your Child's Success

If your child is having trouble articulating certain sounds, speech therapy can help. However, most kids can only spend an hour or two with the therapist every week, and if you really want your child to improve, there are skills you should work on at home. Here are four ways you can help your child practise his or her speech therapy at home. 1. Repeat what your child says with the correct pronunciation [Read More]

4 Tips on Modelling Appropriate Sharing Behaviours in a Childcare Environment

As anyone who regularly looks after toddlers can attest, teaching of sharing behaviours can be an ongoing battle. Here are some ways to model sharing behaviours while working at a childcare center to show children how to cope with sharing demands. Show sharing between staff Make a point to show how adults also share items, like pens or other resources. Showing that you can share with the other staff can help the toddlers see this as a grown-up behaviour. [Read More]

3 Fun Jungle-themed Activities for Your Childcare Centre

Jungle themes are a very engaging theme for early childhood, filled with a range of interesting animals and the backdrop for much creative adventure play. Here are some ideas for craft ideas that can be used to supplement your jungle animal theme. Elephant hand painting While face painting is a common childcare activity, hand painting can be just as fun. Paint up the back of kid's hands in grey paint, so that the thumb is the trunk and the four fingers become the legs of the elephant. [Read More]