3 Fun Jungle-themed Activities for Your Childcare Centre

Jungle themes are a very engaging theme for early childhood, filled with a range of interesting animals and the backdrop for much creative adventure play. Here are some ideas for craft ideas that can be used to supplement your jungle animal theme.

Elephant hand painting

While face painting is a common childcare activity, hand painting can be just as fun. Paint up the back of kid's hands in grey paint, so that the thumb is the trunk and the four fingers become the legs of the elephant. Paint on the elephant's eyes with white and black paint and a tusk with white paint and you are all set to go.

The kids can even put on little hand puppet shows for each other in shoes boxes with a hole cut in the wall of the box. It's a fun activity for the kids and a great photo opportunity for the adults.

Egg carton giraffes

You can instruct the kids on how to cut up egg cartons into the individual cups to build a giraffe. Paint the eggcups in yellow and brown splodges, and once the paint is dry stick goggle eyes on the top "head" eggcups. Thread alternating lengths of 5cm drinking straw and eggcups onto a bamboo meat skewer to create the neck.

Then, use a 3-cup length of egg carton for the body and secure it with air-dry clay. You can even add some more skewers for legs, although the camels often do get a little wonky due to the weight of the legs, so be sure to angle them for a wide base.

Paper plate lion masks

What kid doesn't love pretending to be a lion? Grab a set of paper plates and cut out two eyeholes. Use a glue stick to paste on orange or yellow paper strands or string pieces as the main and a black crayon to draw on a nose and mouth. Finish off by stapling a length of thin elastic from both sides of the mask and around the child's head. Now stand back and prepare to die of cuteness as the smallest king of the jungle approaches.

The jungle theme is an awesome and engaging theme for childcare centres and can be supplemented with excursions to the zoo or wildlife park to see some of the animals in real life. It's a great way to introduce themes of environmental conservation while keeping the lesson plan fun.

For more tips, contact other child care resources like Ally's Kindy At One Mile.