What to Expect During Kindergarten Admission Interviews

Interviews are a part of the admission into kindergarten process for some institutions. You want your child to be as prepared as they can be, and more so if it's a popular institution with competitive entry and admission. You can expect the kindergarten interviews to include both one-on-one and group sessions and cover the following, among other areas. Ability to Understand Simple Instructions This is a crucial area of kindergarten interviews, which involves the kids' lateral thinking ability. [Read More]

Significance Of Staff-To-Child Ratio In Child Care Centres

Making an informed decision when selecting a child care centre requires you to consider several crucial factors. One such factor is the staff-to-child ratio, regardless of how many kids are there at the centre. Why is this ratio such a big deal? Here is an outline of the top reasons why the staff-to-child ratio matters. Quality of Care Delivering the best quality of care just about sums up the main reason why it is crucial to maintain a small staff-to-child ratio at a child care centre. [Read More]