What to Expect During Kindergarten Admission Interviews

Interviews are a part of the admission into kindergarten process for some institutions. You want your child to be as prepared as they can be, and more so if it's a popular institution with competitive entry and admission.

You can expect the kindergarten interviews to include both one-on-one and group sessions and cover the following, among other areas.

Ability to Understand Simple Instructions

This is a crucial area of kindergarten interviews, which involves the kids' lateral thinking ability. Your child's ability to understand simple instructions also speaks to how they handle challenges or difficulties.

Kids who can follow instructions are less likely to be troublemakers in the classroom setting. These children know better than not to follow the rules given and will do as instructed by the kindergarten teacher.

Number, Letter, Shape and Colour Recognition

For a child who has gone through preschool, recognizing letters, shapes, numbers, and colours should be fairly easy. Testing in this area is a common activity during a kindergarten interview, as the teacher holds out a card with these various shapes and letters.

If your child can not only identify the shapes, letters and numbers but can also write and draw them, that's even better. It will certainly set your kid apart from the rest of the pack.

Describing a Picture

In this activity, the teacher will show the kids a picture and ask that they describe it. Alternatively, the kids may be asked to draw a picture and describe what they have drawn.

If your child doesn't draw so well, you need not worry yourself. Their drawing skills are certainly not the object of assessment with this activity. Instead, the kindergarten teacher will focus on how descriptive and how articulate your child is in their response.

Recalling Story Details

In this activity, the kindergarten teacher will read a story and ask the kids both open and closed-ended questions related to the story. This can be anything from who the characters of the story were, to if and why the kids liked the story. This exercise is meant to assess their short-term memory and how well they process information.


Knowing that these will be among the focus areas at the kindergarten admission interview, you will do well to help your child practice. Read stories and ask questions, go over numbers and letters, and draw pictures and ask your child to describe what they see. Practice will give your child confidence on the day of the interview.

For more information, contact a kindergarten in your area.