Crucial Factors to Consider Before Introducing Pets to a Childcare Centre

Running a childcare centre is fun for educators and administrators. You get an opportunity to interact with kids from different backgrounds and become part of their early life. In fact, there is no doubt that childcare centre administrators and educators play an integral role in shaping kids' lives. Notably, childcare centres apply different strategies in early education, and using pets is one. The animals teach children to be responsible, social and courageous. They also help build self-esteem, confidence, non-verbal communication, compassion and empathy. However, you must consider specific factors before introducing pets in a childcare centre.


When parents drop and leave their kids at a childcare centre, you are responsible for their safety until their guardian or parents pick them up. Therefore, safety should be a top priority when introducing pets in a childcare centre. For instance, ask parents if their children are allergic to fur or hair. The last thing you want is a child developing an allergic reaction because of a pet. Similarly, pets should be well trained and not aggressive in the presence of strangers. For example, if you introduce an aggressive dog, the chances are high that they will bite a child. The best approach is to use pet breeds known for their calm nature.

Pet Care During Holidays

Having a class pet is a long-term commitment that continues long after school closes. Therefore, failure to consider the issue poses a challenge regarding pet care. Notably, you need someone to care for the pets during the holidays. It entails baths, grooming, food preparation, exercise and vet visits. Most importantly, you must avail supplies to take good care of class pets so that they are healthy and ready for the following school term.  

Type of Pet

If you think you can bring any animal into a childcare centre, think again. The reason is that every animal introduced to children could transmit diseases. However, the risks vary by species; therefore, you should be careful regarding which animals you present to the kids in your childcare centre. For instance, pregnant animals, significantly young pets, exotic animals, venomous animals and predatory birds should not be used in childcare centres for education purposes. It is mainly the case with visiting animals from zoos or shelters. A good rule of thumb is to consult a public health officer on which animals to bring to a childcare centre. They can provide more information.